There's the rest and then there is THE BEST! CANADIAN ALL-PRO WRESTLING'S WAR!!

Nicole Matthews has promised to bring a tag partner to face Miss Danyah and Cat Power to the show September 21st. Who will she unveil as her partner? Come to the show to find out!

Who is this "Canuck", and what kind of chance will he have against the big bad Tex Gaines? The Canuck is not pleased with what took place between Tex and CAPW's own Lucha Libre, Jose Suervo: Tex definitely skewed the match in his own favor when he named Scottley Crue as his choice for referee, and successfully not only flattened the high-flying Mexican, but laid a post-match beating on him until The Canuck came out to save his fellow masked grappler.

Commonwealth Champion Dungeon Master Johnny Devine wants revenge against CAM!!ikaze after the vicious post-match whipping he took from the title hopeful after their last bout against each other. CAM!!ikaze let his frustrations boil over after failing to win the title yet again thanks to the machinations of the champion. Devine has agreed to put the title on the line for this bout albeit reluctantly. CAPW stipulations state that any and all title-holders will defend their titles in any and every match they participate in, regardless of match stipulations and this caveat is in every contract signed by every member of Canadian All-Pro's locker room. This match will be British-style, with 10 3-minute rounds. Whoever scores the most falls, wins!

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You Dont Want to miss WAR! This Saturday Night!

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